The 2020 Team training took place on the 11th of Oct, IMBA freshmen were expected to make time constrained decisions in a business setting and deal with conflicts and disagreement within groups and get to know their classmates better.

The day was Coordinated by IMBA program Director Prof. Qian Da and our Department’s finest Prof. John Huber who carefully handpicked the activities and challenges for the day. Senior Student Casto Bolo assisted this Team Training Event.  In the morning session, the Marketing challenge took place where students were tasked with the challenge of introducing a new product into the Chinese market for 11:11 (singles day). In the afternoon session, there was the coin hiding activity and then the rope escape activity.

Team Purple discussion their product concept during the Marketing Challenge.

Students were grouped into teams (Green team, Red Team, Purple Team, Yellow Team and Blue Team), and had to work together to best the opposing team in every challenge, First off was the marketing challenge where each team had to resolve their misunderstandings and disagreement on product choice, marketing strategy and many other conflicting opinions within the space of 2 hours.

Team yellow presenting their product to the group

Teams are challenging themselves by squeezing to the smallest circle possible

It was a very cheerful day where students got to know each other and get simple business tips like the importance of time management, working in groups and solving differences and little strategies to win as a team not as an individual.

The green team ran home with wins in all 3 activities so shout out to the green team and its members and the school of Economics and management will be holding the next Team Training Event next year for the incoming new students and hopefully this time they will have their whole class present and the Globe is in a better place.

Team Training 2020

Manuscript writing: Casto Bolo



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