【IMBA】Submission of final defense material


Dear all,

The defense will be on May 11th from 8:00 to 21:00. The grouping information will be released around May 5th.

To attend the defense, you must:

1.Submit the following material:

[1]. 5 hardcopies of thesis: follow university’s thesis template and format requirement (please refer to the template attached in this notification),.

* note: print the cover in color following specific requirement. When you go to a printing shop, show the following Chinese information to the printing shop:


[2]. 5 hardcopies of Revision summary form. The form is attached in this notification. The revision summary must be signed by supervisor.

[3]. Complete the thesis information collection questionnaire on or before May 4th. The questionnaire requests information of your thesis title, number of words, key words etc. The information is used for your defense collected by IMBA office.

The online questionnaire url is:  https://www.wjx.cn/jq/38217740.aspx

2. Material submission Day:  

May 5th, from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:30. The venue is 27-104.

Important Note

**No late submission is accepted. Revision summary without supervisor comments and signature will not be accepted.

**Any late submission will cause you to lose your defense eligibility and affect your graduation.


IMBA Tdissertation thesis format requirements 论文格式要求及模板.doc

thesis revision summary论文修改情况表.doc



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