【Degree defense】Final Defense Notification for IMBA 2015 and IBM 2014


Final Defense Notification for IMBA 2015 and IBM 2014

Dear all IMBA 2015 and IBM 2014 students,

The final defense will be on May 18, 19 and 20th in 27-118. The grouping information is attached. Please check out your group and arrive 30 minutes before your group starts and put your PPT onto the computer before the defense starts.

lPlease prepare a 10 to 15 minutes’ PPT, and make sure your supervisor has go through all your PPT materials.

lPlease take pen and papers with you, and take down the questions and comments during the defense and answer with logic and coherence, if you do not understand, feel free to ask.

lPlease dress formal on defense day

The procedure of defense will be:

1.defense committee announce the start of the defense;

2.secretary introduce the defense students;

3.student present (introduce your thesis including research content, methodology, research result/outcome, innovation etc.) it should be no less then 15 minutes

4.defense committee ask questions, it should be no less then 15 minutes for each students;

5.previous student prepares to answer the questions, next student start to present;

6.after 3 or 4 students finish presentation and committee asking questions, all the 3 or 4 students answer the questions one by one

7.next 3 or 4 students repeat the above procedure;

8.after all presentation and Q&A session, the committee will discuss the result and vote. The students need to wait outside the room. The discussion will last around 15-30 minutes

9.students come back to the room when secretary informs you and the committee announce the comments and results

10.all students and committee members take photo together.

11.Committee announce the end of the final defense.

* Please be noted that the schedule will be tight and all students need to be prepared to have meal much earlier before the defense, we will not have time for you to go out.

If you want to take pictures, please take cameras by yourselves.

* Please ensure you are not late for your defense, because the final defense is a very serious and important part of your study here, any mistake or misbehave might influence your graduation.

College of Economics and Management

11th May. 2017

defense grouping information.doc



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