MBA/IMBA Students Attended Business Training In Shanghai


5 teams selected from the MBACenter and IMBA major in the College of Economics and Management of Zhejiang Normal University attended a two-day National Business Competition Training Program in ShanghaiDonghuaUniversity from April 21st to 23rd. The secretary of college Party committee Xu Yin, the Dean of MBA program, Dr. Justin Liu and Mr. Zhu from Student Affairs Office led the teams. 

The first lecture was given by Zhou Jie, the vice dean of ChinaEntrepreneurshipCollege in the morning of April. 22nd. Mr. Zhou used his own experience as example and explained Business models in a very unique and digestible way.

That afternoon, 16 team leaders gathered together to have a special meeting -- Private Advisory Board (Peer Group).  It is a rising form of meeting among originated from U.S.A. American Chinese Jones Chen, the partner of J&K Invest Holding Co., Ltd and former COO of Shanghai General Plan Education Group Co,. Ltd, guided the whole process as an executive coach. The problem proposed by Deng Zhi Min, one of ZJNU MBA students, was voted to be the case. Deng said he learned a very efficient meeting mode to analyze and solve problems logically. 

On April 23rd, team members took How To Convince Investors and How To Write Business Plan together, which inspired everyone. Given the fact that ZJNU is the only university that has international students participating in this training, 2016 IMBA student Dasuni who is from Sri Lanka expressed her great gratitude to the inclusiveness and consideration of our university, and appreciation of the efforts by teachers for international students to get this valuable opportunity.



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