Lecture Successfully held by IMBA program:Future Trends in Management-A cognitive Neuroscience perspective.


On 25th Marchthe College of Economics and Management held a lecture Future Trends in Management-A cognitive Neuroscience Perspective to educate IMBA and IBM students on the future trends in management. The invited guest was Professor Liang Meng. Prof. Meng is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business and Management, ShanghaiInternationalStudiesUniversity.

He gave a very interesting and futuristic lecture on how neuroscience can help both consumers and businesses make decisions. Neuroscience uses FMRI and other technology to scan the brain and show responses to events and activities. The tests done using neuroscience technology proves to be useful in everyday lives. Some examples are how effective branding affects our mind in product choice, how near loss and win situations affect our motivation and many others. It was a very interactive seminar with students asking very important questions about health, practicality and many others. Prof. Qian Da and Prof. Liang Meng addressed these questions and concerns expertly. At the end of the seminar, Prof. Liang Meng was presented with a certificate by the Dean. Prof. Qian Da expressed great appreciation for the time taken to give the education.

Prof. Meng Liang has been a visiting scholar at Stanford   University, USA and reviewer for Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), and was appointed as review editor for top tier international journals such as frontiers in neuroscience and international journal of psychophysiology. His research interests are: Facilitation of one’s intrinsic motivation within the workplace, Morality, social responsibility and irrational consumer behavior.



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