IMBA Program Organized Business Investigation Trip to INT'L Pharmaceutical Logistics co. LTD


On March 23rd, the College of Economics and Management organized a business investifation trip to Jinhua INT'L Pharmaceutical Logistics co. LTD., at Lanxi to conduct a real business investigation and research. Prof. Qian Da took the IMBA students to the INT'L warehouse at Lanxi. Mr Zhu, the manager of the warehouse, was kind enough to take the group on a tour of the grounds and give clear explanations of the way the warehouse is run. 

INT'L has state of art logistics system; conveyor belts, flow shelves, huge freezer rooms,dehumidifier, duct air conditioning, a very efficient control system and many others. One of the most fascinating things about the warehouse is the control system. It monitors temperature and humidity to ensure that the overall temperature and humidity of the whole warehouse is perfect for the drugs. 

It is a very efficient and INT'Ls mission is devoted to achieve a healthy life for people through smart logistics. After the tour there was a short break, after which Mr Zhu gave an impressive presentation on the company. Question and answer session followed. Students were given a chance to ask a question based on their research area. The manager answered in Chinese while Prof. Qian Da translated in English. 

It was very educative and eye-opening. The day ended with words of appreciation from Prof. Qian Da for the warm hospitality and the education.



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